Whitening 101: The Basics and Essential Whitening Products

Sa pagpapaputi, it helps to know the basics, as well as what whitening products and ingredient work and what do not. Start your skin whitening journey or refresh your knowledge on the matter with these skin whitening factoids.

Whitening 101: The Basics and Essential Whitening Products

Behind the Tanning and Lightening of Skin

Formally known as Pigmentation, the coloring of a person’s skin is a tone that results from three chromophores which are red, blue and brown. The latter brown pigment is called melanin, a term you may recall from biology class back in high school, which is primarily behind why skin darkens or lightens.

The more melanin your body produces, the darker your complexion. And this production is affected and boosted by multiple factors including the following:

  • Prolonged sun exposure (UV radiation, to be specific)
  • Exposure to air pollution and other environmental toxins
  • Changes in the hormonal levels
  • Specific kinds of skin conditions
  • Poor nutrition and lack of adequate vitamins


Using Complimentary Whitening Products

One of the safest and most doable ways to skin whitening is going for a line with whitening products that work hand in hand in nourishing skin to its most beautiful.

The Gluta-C system is one example of a holistic approach to skin whitening. Each product is specially formulated with Glutathione and Vitamin C, among other active whitening agents, guaranteeing that skin is safely and effectively lightened, as well as softened and protected.


The Gluta-C Skin Regimen:





  • Face and Neck
  • Body
    • Wash body with Gluta-C Intense Whitening Soap
    • Work on problem areas with Gluta-C Underarm and Bikini Gel
    • Moisturize with Gluta-C SPF 25 Lotion


Commit to having a clear, fairer and healthier complexion with a few adjustments on food and overall lifestyle choices. Make sure to drink plenty of water, stick to healthier bites, and get enough R&R at night.

Need proof of how safe and reliable the skin whitening system is? Check out what these ladies have to say about Gluta-C!

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