The White Camp 2 Experience

The Motivation

What does it mean to be confident? For a lot of young women, confidence is the reflection of being able to do whatever you want to do in any article of clothing. But because of uneven skin tone, underarms, knees, elbows and inner thighs, achieving total confidence can be quite a challenge.

Seven women who are facing the same difficulty set out to join the second White Camp Experience with the help of the intense whitening effects of Gluta-C.

The Transformation Process

The Gluta-C White Camp 2 stays true to its endeavor – to bring out the skin’s whitest potential. Following through with last year’s goal, Gluta-C White Camp 2 is a program meant to last for 30 days and customized according to the whitening needs of the chosen women to aid in their transformation.

Aside from being a Gluta-C White Camper, which in its title alone grants the ladies a certain amount of prestige, they also received custom skin care regimen, regular advice from the resident dermatologist of Gluta-C, special gift packs and cash prizes.

The lucky seven White-Campers, coming from diverse backgrounds, from the corporate industry to fashion, took the 30-day challenge in the hopes of following the footsteps of the previous Gluta-C White Campers and achieve even skin tone, overall lighter skin and total confidence.

The Legacy Continues

With the help of highly respected dermatologist Meriam N. Isla, M.D., the Gluta-C White Camp 2 was brought to fruition following the success of the first White Camp program launched in 2013. She led a seminar that gave the Campers ample knowledge in achieving a whiter and healthier complexion. Each Camper engaged in a personal consultation with Dra. Isla in order to determine the specific needs of their skin and how they should use Gluta-C products to achieve their skin’s maximum whitening potential.

Addressing the seven ladies, Dr. Isla talked about the causes of uneven skin tone, the importance of Vitamin C and Glutathione and laid out the most ideal skin care regimen for healthy, fair skin. To track their progress, a skin tone meter was used to document the starting skin tone of the Campers’ problematic areas.

The Result

Without a doubt, as the thirtieth day of the White Camp 2 Experience came around the corner, the results were already apparent at a glance. In fact, the skin tone meter showed that the Campers’ skin moved two to four skin tones lighter. As a culmination of the experience, the seven lucky ladies confidently flaunted their newly-found glow alongside Gluta-C ambassadress, Cheska Kramer, in a photo shoot.

Living in Confidence with Gluta-C

What does it mean to be confident? For these ladies, confidence entails taking an opportunity to become better versions of themselves, thriving in it and seeing it through. With Gluta-C, they did just that. At the end of the 30-day program, they didn’t just achieve the complexion that they once only dreamed about, they found a better appreciation for their womanhood, a higher level of self-esteem and the courage to do whatever they desire in any article of clothing that they choose. Because at the end of the day, it’s what you feel about yourself that matters.

These seven beautiful ladies attest to the fact that it doesn’t take much effort to have healthier, whiter and more even skin tone. All you have to do is follow a skin care regimen suited for your skin type and follow these five basic steps to whiter skin.



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