Frequently Asked Questions

Why did we change our packaging for Gluta-C Soap and Lotion?

Times have changed for the better and so have we! What better way to showcase the new and improved Gluta-C soap and lotion than to give them a fresh, new look?

Did Gluta-C soaps become smaller from 60g term paper writing service to 55g and 135g to 120g?

Yes. Since we have improved our formulation for more benefits, we are also offering the products at a more affordable price. 55g soaps are now priced at 49.75 while 120g are now priced at 79.75. Duo packs (120g x 2) are also available at 145.00.

Why is the lotion more expensive now?

At PHP184.75 for 150mL and PHP329.75 for 300mL, Gluta-C Body Lotion has more Vitamin C and more moisturizing ingredients added. Bigger size, better benefits with a fresh new look!

Why is our soap labeled as “Dual Antioxidant Defense”?

The combination of two master antioxidants, Glutathione and Vitamin C, protects the skin from harmful pollutants while whitening it at the same time.

Did the new packaging also improve formulation?

Yes. We’ve improved our formula by adding more moisturizing and antibacterial ingredients so you can get more for your money.