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Bianca Umali’s Rapid Fire Questions with Gluta-C

Choosies! Bianca Umali is ready to answer your rapid fire questions! Sino kaya ang inspiration nya? Choosy ba sya? Watch the whole vid to find out! #BiancaIsChoosy #BiancaForGlutaC

Loisa is Choosy, Loisa for Gluta-C Video

Choosy ba si Loisa? YES, and she said it herself! Kaya maging choosy ka na rin!
Tag us on Facebook and Instagram if you’re already using our whitening products and we’d love to hear your thoughts! We’ll wait for it, Choosies! #BeChoosyUseGlutaC

Loisa Andalio Behind-The-Scenes Gluta-C Photoshoot Full Version

Loisa Andalio is the kind of girl you’ll never get bored with! Her beautiful face and bright skin are as glowing as her fun personality! Watch this Gluta-C BTS photoshoot with Loisa and catch all the laughs that we had 🧡 #LoisaIsChoosy #LoisaForGlutaC

Dapat Choosy Dapat Gluta-C TV Commercial

Ms. Jodi Sta. Maria tells us that effective skin whitening should always be safe. Kaya dapat choosy ka with the products you use. Like her, choose Gluta-C.

Dapat Choosy Dapat Gluta-C BTS

Jodi Sta. Maria talks about her latest commercial for Gluta-C Intense Whitening and shares her favorite Gluta-C products in this behind-the-scenes clip.

White Camp 2: Selina, Christine & Katreena

Selina Romero, 21, is someone most people would call the cool Kawaii girl. She’s a graphic artist who loves cosplaying and also aspires to become a professional model. As a shy girl herself, Selina hopes to serve as an inspiration to those who lack in confidence.

Gluta-C White Camp 2: Ruby & Trixia

A graduate of New Era University, Ruby Ann is an art enthusiast. She devotes her spare time to drawing and painting as a form of self-expression. To her, art is the vessel by which her thoughts and innermost emotions are conveyed.

Gluta-C White Camp 2: Milli & Jessa

Milli Anne, 21, is a self-confessed beach lover. She remembers her childhood as a time when she frequented the beach and played outdoors. As a beach baby, Milli loves bathing under the sun. Nowadays, she is exploring the fashion industry and aspires to become an actress.

Gluta-C White Camp Finalists: Mel & Monica

Monica keeps herself busy with her own online shop. While she takes orders in the comfort of her own home, she’s also the one who buys the products she sells kahit na mainit!

Gluta-C White Camp Finalist: KEI

Kei is a passionate career woman and a mother of two. With her busy daily schedule, she sometimes forgets to take care of her own skin.

Gluta-C White Camp Finalist: JOYCE

Joyce Ann is a 19-year-old fresh graduate and a feisty beauty queen aspirant who has always been picked on dahil sa dark skin niya. But not anymore.

Gluta-C White Camp Finalist: Jang

Jang is a call center agent who is also a modelling enthusiast. Although she already has white skin, she still has dark spots in specific problem areas.

Gluta-C White Camp Finalists: April & Ella

April was a former Service Woman of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Between training and activities, hindi niya talaga naiwasang umitim because of her frequent sun exposure.

Gluta-C White Camp Finalists: Mae Ann & Abbey

Mae Ann is an 18 year old student from CEU taking up Medical Technology. The demands of being an on-the-go student is hard on her skin! Kaya she looked for a way to keep her skin fresh all day.

Jodi Sta. Maria talks about the Gluta-C Underarm and Bikini Skin Whitening Gel

Ms. Jodi Sta. Maria tells us her personal reasons why she loves using the Gluta-C Underarm and Bikini Skin Whitening Gel.