Sun Safety: 5 Effects of the Sun on Skin

Tuwing summer, parang may love-hate relationship tayo sa araw. Hindi lang dahil sa init, pero pati na rin sa skin. Read more para malaman ang mga epekto nito and how Gluta-C lotion can help protect you from the summer sun.

The effects of the sun on your skin

The sun emits ultraviolet rays na may tatlong wavelengths: UVA, UVB, at UVC.

  • Ang UVCrays ay ina-absorb ng ozone layer at hindi umaabot sa surface ng Earth.
  • Ang UVArays ay kayang i-penetrate ang dermis, o ang inner layer ng skin. UVA rays activate harmful free radicals and promote skin aging.
  • Ang UVBrays naman ay kayang i-penetrate ang epidermis, o ang outer layer ng skin. It can cause sunburn, allergic reactions, and skin cancer.

Sun exposure is responsible for most of the skin changes that we think are just part of aging.

Here are just some ways the sun affects the skin:

  1. Sunburn. This is probably the most common skin condition linked to sun exposure. Short term excessive exposure to the sun’s rays can cause reddening, pain, and in some cases, blistering and second degree burns.
  2. Dryness.  With sun exposure, your skin can gradually lose moisture and essential oils, causing it to look dry and flaky.
  3. Actinic keratosis. This appears as a small bump that feels like sandpaper that may have a pink or brownish tint. In some instances, actinic keratosis can itch or be slightly tender.
  4. Long-term damage to the skin’s collagen. Over time, the sun’s UV rays breaks down the skin’s fibers, causing it to stretch, sag, and lose its ability to go back to its original state after stretching.
  5. Skin cancer. Skin cancer is one of the most prevalent types of cancers. It occurs when there is an uncontrolled growth of abnormal skin cells. The rapid growth results in tumors, which can be benign or malignant.

Protect your skin from the sun with Gluta-C lotion

Gluta-C Body Lotion has SPF 25 so be sure to apply it on your skin before going out. The SPF in Gluta-C’s lotion creates a double whitening activity: skin pigmentation is reduced from the inside while the skin gets outside protection from the sun.

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